No other local Firearms provider has the stock, the supplies, and the expertise of Gable Sporting Goods, your top local gun shop since 1965.

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    Guns, God, and Gable - Generation to Generation, it’s a Georgia Tradition Since 1965

    If you grew up in or around West Georgia, then your father, grandfather, uncle, or neighbor might very well have owned a firearm that they purchased from their trusted friends down at Gable Sporting Goods. The Gable’s tradition started as a local hunting and fishing store, more than 50 years ago. From the very beginning, Clark and Jimmy Gable were well renowned throughout West Georgia for their expertise in hunting gear, guns, and all the accessories you might need for deer hunting, bird hunting, shooting tournaments, and so much more.

    That tradition of expertise and top-level supply has made its way into every generation since the beginning, and it continues today. Located right where it’s been for so many years, right down Fairburn Road in Douglasville, the Gable family has been a proud, foundational entity in the heritage and life of rural Georgia for generations. We are as proud of that heritage as your father or grandfather was to do business with his friends at Gable Sporting Goods.

    Gable Sporting Goods - Supporting Your Constitutional Right to Bear Arms Since 1965

    At Gable Sporting Goods, we believe in the American Constitutional right to bear arms. Since 1965, we have backed up that belief by supplying you and your family with beautiful, reliable, high-quality firearms. From 9 mm pistols and revolvers, to bolt-action and semi-automatic hunting rifles, all the way to pump-action and pistol-grip shotguns, Gable Sporting Goods has the high-quality firearms you need, at competitive everyday pricing!

    You won’t find a better combination of gear, pricing, and expertise than you will at Gable Sporting Goods. Check out our inventory online, or come down to our Douglasville, GA location and see for yourself why your fathers and grandfathers trusted the expertise from Gable Sporting Goods. We know all the best firearms for your hunting, shooting, or protection goals. Come see the folks who care about outdoor living, and about you keeping your family safe from harm.

    We Believe in Outdoor Living, Protecting What’s Yours, and Making Grandad Proud

    People often wonder if the outdoor sports megastores have made things difficult from Gable Sporting Goods. What’s surprising for most folks is to learn that our business has actually increased since all these other stores came to town. We can only figure that people get tired of waiting for some untrained high schooler to get the gear they need, or fumble around about answering their questions. And when folks get tired of that, they know who will treat them like family. For a best array of firearms in your neck of the woods, come rediscover the Gable’s difference. You’ll be glad you did, and we’ll be glad to see you! Go with the best. Go with Gables. All the high-quality gear you want, at competitive everyday pricing. Your grandfather would be proud of the money you saved, and of the firearms you came home with!