Custom Embroidery

Custom Embroidery

Gable Sporting Goods has been West Georgia’s #1 Resource for all your favorite custom design printing, including the region’s best Custom Embroidery, since 1965! When you need custom embroidery for your team hats, visors, polo shirts, or anything else, Gable’s professionals have everything you want. We also have the highest quality and the best prices around. When you need it customized, and you need it embroidered, you need the best quality from your local experts at Gable Sporting Goods.

Gable’s Best Embroidery Services

So why is Gable’s embroidery shop the best? Because our highly trained professionals and state-of-the art equipment isn’t off in some warehouse 50 miles away, our people and equipment are ON-SITE! What could be more convenient than a quick turnaround Our quality is second to none. Our prices are amazing! Come see what Gable’s custom embroidery services can do for your important project!

Get What You Need, ASAP

When you need an embroidery project completed, fast, you don’t have time to work with someone who outsources all their embroidery work! Why work with someone you don’t know? Especially when Gable’s custom embroidery shop is right in your backyard! You won’t find a quicker turn-around on your custom embroidery orders than Gable Sporting Goods custom print and embroidery shop.

The Custom Embroidery Process

Many people can probably remember their grandmother hand embroidering designs on a dish towel, dress, or pillow. Hand embroidery is still a beautiful craft, but machine embroidery has enabled us to produce incredible work at an incredible pace. Here’s a peak behind the curtain at how custom machine embroidery works.

Step 1- Create Your Custom Design

You may already have a design, or you may just have an idea, whichever it is we can help you turn it into a reality. One of the most popular requests is our logo design embroidery. One thing to keep in mind when planning your custom embroidery design is how many colors you are including. Much like custom screen printing, the number of different colors adds to the complexity and cost of the project.

Step 2- Save Your Custom Design

We don’t need to get too deep into the weeds on this one, but there are many ways a design can be saved depending on the purpose it’s being used for. Most embroidery machines utilize a ‘DSB’ or ‘DST’ file format. These file formats help the embroidery machine understand what it’s looking at with your design. Don’t worry, we’ll help take care of that.

Step 3- Transfer the Design to the Embroidery Machine

Now that we have the design saved it’s time to get it transferred over to the embroidery machine. This is often done through a USB cable, flash card, or directly from the computer. Again, no need to worry. We’ve got this part all covered.

Step 4- Setup Final Details

With the design loaded into the embroidery machine there are a few instructions that the machine still needs before it can begin stitching your design. Those instructions include what type of needles are to be used, thread weight, and thread color. The smallest embroidery machines may only have one head and needle, while the largest embroidery machines can have up to 15 heads and a total of 570 needles! Typically, each needle on the machine holds one thread and color.

Step 5- Setup Your Product

This step is crucial to having a product turn out the way it was envisioned. Improper setup can easily produce an off-center design. There are different frames or loops utilized that your product is attached to depending upon the product that’s being embroidered, be it shirt embroidery, hat embroidery, or some other custom embroidery project. Once the product is secured it is loaded and secured to the arms of the embroidery machine. The head of the embroidery machine doesn’t actually move during this process, the arms do, guiding the product beneath the machine head as it stiches the design.

Step 6- Time to Embroider

Your design is complete, the machine understands what it’s supposed to be creating, and the product has been secured. Now comes the fun part as your design becomes a reality one stitch at a time!

The trained professionals at Gable Sporting Goods make this process look easy. Next time you think of custom embroidered shirts, hat embroidery, or simply embroidery places near me, we hope that you will think of Gable’s. We would love the opportunity to turn your dreams into reality with custom machine embroidery for your business, team, or event.