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Happy is the archer whose quiver is full of arrows

~Benjamin Franklin

Leave it to Ben Franklin to offer unsolicited, obvious information to the masses. What a politician! But in all actuality, what Franklin said is actually pretty smart. How demoralizing is it to launch an arrow waywardly into the forest, only to realize your quiver is empty? Terribly so. Ask any archer who just realized they were down to their last arrow, and you'll know for sure!

Empty Quivers Give You Shivers

That's why you should keep your quivers stocked to full capacity, with high quality arrows for your bows and all the best crossbow bolts on the market! You know Gable Sporting Goods has always had the top-shelf products and accessories for all your outdoor needs. But did you know we have the best arrows, bolts, and quivers at competitive everyday pricing? Don't believe us? We challenge you to take the Gable's Challenge, and see if our non-sale pricing isn't as good or better than anybody around! So get your bow or crossbow, your arrows and bolts, and all the best quality quivers from Gable Sporting Goods. We're in your corner, and we're on your side! Go with the best. Go with Gables.