• “Inhale. Then exhale. It’s the only real way to live.”
    ~Eleanor Roosevelt
    The queen of the Roosevelt oligarchy may have been talking about living and breathing, but whether she knew it or not, she was also talking about being successful in archery. For you see, if one only pulls back a bow and arrow, but never releases, one will merely be teasing their targets. In modern archery, the key to a great release is actually HAVING a great release, like the top shelf bow releases from your friends at Gable Sporting Goods. We have all the styles and brands you want, at great everyday pricing!
    Gable’s Best Bow Releases
    If you’ve lived around the Westside of Atlanta for very long, you probably have either been to Gable’s archery section, or you know someone who has. Did you know that your friendly, neighborhood Gable Sporting Goods store still carries all the best brands of bow releases, at amazingly competitive everyday pricing? Come rediscover the Gables difference this season. You’ll be glad you did!