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Fishing Line

“You get a line, and I'll get a pole…”

~Andy Griffith

If you were raised in the South, you know exactly how that quote ends. You don't need some ivy league scholar to tell you about the best fishing hole in your neck of the woods. That's because this land is YOUR land. Gable Sporting Goods has been helping generations of fishing enthusiasts get the absolute most out of our local ponds, streams, rivers, and lakes. Since 1965, we've kept West Georgia fully supplied with all the best fishing line they could hope for, complete with competitive everyday pricing.

Don't Give Me No (cheap) Lines

You might not think that using subpar fishing line could have any negative effect on our next fishing trip. But as any experienced angler will tell you, getting high quality fishing line is well worth the couple of pennies you might have saved going with some supermarket's discount fish string. You know that Gable Sporting Goods always has top shelf hunting and outdoor supplies, including all the best fishing line from Sufix, Stren, Seaguar, Berkley, Power Pro, Spectrum, and so much more. So go with the best! Go with Gable!