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Fishing Jigs

Gable Sporting Goods is your one-stop-shop for all the Fishing Gear you need this year. Fishing Jigs, Fishing Rigs, Jig Kits, and more! Come visit Gable Sporting Goods!

The Jig Is Up! Try the Latest and Greatest Fishing Jigs, or Stock Up on Your Tried-and-True Favorites!

Since 1965, Gable Sporting Goods has been a pillar of the Douglasville community for sporting enthusiasts and outdoor adventure seekers. We have been blessed and fortunate enough to have a considerable influence in the Metro Atlanta community, in the Great State of Georgia, and throughout the entire Southeastern United States. When folks in Douglasville and throughout the West Metro Atlanta area think of the best local Sporting Goods stores, you’ll always hear the name “Gable’s.” There are a lot of great places to buy a new hunting rifle, a new fishing rod, or important accessories like fishing jigs and more. But we’re thankful that for well over 50 years, our neighbors and friends throughout rural Georgia have always considered Gable Sporting Goods to be a great resource for everything you need to hunt, fish, or play team sports. Our customers seem to enjoy a hunting and fishing equipment store that still does business face to face, just like their fathers and grandfathers might have done 50 years ago. If you’re in the Metro Atlanta area, and you need new Fishing Jigs, Jig Kits, Spinner Kits, Bass Jigs, Bucktail Jigs, Bait Rigs, Marabou Jigs, Roundhead Jigs, Specialty Jigs, or any other kind of Fishing Jig, Gable Sporting Goods has what you need!

Get Every (Fish) Eye on Your Jig! Gable Sporting Goods Has What You Need to Get Noticed!

These days, there’s pretty much a fishing jig for anything that a fish might eat, or think they want to eat. Some fishers like to try every new thing that comes out, while others like to stick to tried-and-true jigs and rigs. Whether you want the latest and greatest, or you feel that what worked for your Granddad should work for you, we have an amazing selection of Fishing Jigs, Spinner Baits, and Fishing Rigs. Our in-store selection just can’t be matched! You truly have to come in to experience everything that Gable Sporting Goods has to offer you. If you need advice on what gift to give the angler in your life, our experts are always ready and willing to help you get the perfect gift for Father’s Day, Christmas, or special birthdays. Come get yourself or your favorite fisher a new Toad Bait, BulletZ Jighead, Chatterbait Jack Hammer, ShroomZ Weedless, Sticky Flutter Spoon, Custom Swim Bait Head, Single Barrel Underspins, Big Wig Magnum Hair Jig, Swimming Jig, Bladed Jig, Spoons, Jig Heads, or any other Fishing Jigs or Fishing Rigs we carry. Gable Sporting Goods is here for you!