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Swim Baits

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Swimbaits are a great option for local freshwater fishing, or for your next saltwater excursion. Stock up on great gear at Gable Sporting Goods!

Fish Love our Swimbaits. You Will Too! Get Your Fishing Gear from the Folks You Trust!

When the fishing experts from Gable Sporting Goods find a good thing, they stock up on it. We don’t just sell the best fishing gear because we read a magazine. We sell the best fishing gear on the planet because our experts have been avid fishermen for years, and we know what baits and lures will land you the big one! Under the guiding cast of an experienced fisherman, swimbaits can some of the most versatile fishing baits available. Great for freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing, these soft baits are great for catching bass, walleye, pike, snook, trout, or just about any other hungry fish within the range of your rod and reel. Since 1965, Gable Sporting Goods has been Metro Atlanta and West Georgia’s Top local outdoor gear supply store. We always carry the best selections of fishing gear, rods & reels, hard baits, soft baits, fishing apparel, and all the other gear you need to make your next tournament, fishing season, or afternoon on the water an unforgettable experience.

Shop for All the Best Swim Baits Online or at In-Store at Gable Sporting Goods!

There’s two main things that the other local outdoor stores just can’t beat when compared to Gable Sporting Goods: price, and selection. Oh, and also, Expertise. So it’s three main things: Price, Selection, and Expertise. Wait, we forgot about Convenience. So four things: Price, Selection, Expertise, and Convenience. Oh, but what about Quality? Okay, fine, so maybe there are tons of great reasons to shop online or in-store at Gable Sporting Goods. We’ve got all the Swimbaits you need to fish your local pond, lake, river, creek, or mud puddle dry. Come stock up on Z-Man Razor Shadz, your Keitech Shad Impact, Keitech Swing Impact, Keitech Easy Shiners, Jackall Rhythm Wave, Jenko Booty Shakers, Stormlures Live Kickin Shad, Yum Money Minnows, Netbait Big Spanky, and so many more! Great prices! Great selection! What more could you want? Get your Swimbeats online or in-store from Gable’s!