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Deer Calls

Gable Sporting Goods has all best Deer Calls you need to lure in some Venison, like Buck Grunts, Doe Bleats, Fawn Bleats, Electronic Calls, and more!

Grunt, Rattle, & Roll! Whatever You Like to Use to Call in the Big One, We’ve Got it at Gable’s!

For well over 50 years, Gable Sporting Goods has been a West Georgia and Metro Atlanta landmark for all the best Outdoor Gear, at all the best prices. You might even know somebody, whether it be a dad, grandfather, friend, or neighbor, who still has some of the hunting supplies they bought from Gable Sporting Goods back in the day. You may have even inherited some hunting gear, fishing gear, or other outdoor living gear from somebody who got it at Gable’s! And that’s one of our trademarks! We sell products that can last a lifetime, or two, or three! And while some Hunting Gear works fine from generation to generation, sometimes you need to refresh the stash. Whether you need new Buck Grunts, Doe Bleats, Fawn Bleats, Snort Wheeze calls, Rattles, Electronic Calls, or any other Deer Luring agents, we have what you’re looking for, at prices that you just can’t find anywhere else! So this season, when you need new Deer Calls, you know where to come for all the best gear at all the best prices. Gable Sporting Goods!

All Your Favorite Deer Calls and All Your Favorite Brands Are Waiting at Gable Sporting Goods!

Whether you like the flexible tube Buck Grunt Calls from established makers like Woods Wise Products and Duel Game Calls, you like the fawn bleats and doe bleats from Modern Calls and Knight & Hale, or you want to step up your game in a different direction, Gable Sporting Goods has the Deer Calls you need. Get yourself a Knight & Hale Death Chamber Grunt Call like the pros use. Or save your breath and get an electronic deer call like the ones we carry from Cass Creek Game Calls. Or if you really like to multi-task, try out the Buck Board Rattling and Grunting System made by Primos, Inc. Our experts can help guide you to the exact combination that will suite your talents, and your hunting situation. We’ve tried and tested every Deer Call that we sell, and we stand behind them, just like we have stood behind our products for over 50 years. If you live in Metro Atlanta or the West Georgia area, you’re planning to travel through these parts, or you’d like to check out more of our products online, you just can’t beat the selections and savings from Gable Sporting Goods! Our experts are here for you! Call us, contact us, or come on by our Douglasville, GA location!