Crank Baits

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  • Whether You’re Fishing Tournaments, or Fishing for Fun, You Could Use New Crankbaits
    Versatile and effective, the crank bait family of fishing lures can specialize in shallow, medium, or deep depths, all while cutting through the water in as much of a hurry as you need. Depending on the bill of the crankbait, it’s simple to keep your chosen lure at the approximate depth you need to entice a big bass. Square billed crankbaits will keep your lure shallow, and can even be gently reeled through semi-thick brush, if you know what you’re doing. Or they can be reeled quickly to mimic the patterns of baitfish as if they were escaping obstacles in the water. When the bass are generally in shallow water, like early spring or late fall, square bill crankbaits are your ace in the hole. The longer the bill, the deeper the potential of your bass lure. So after the bass have finished their spawning period in the heat of summer, and retreat to deeper waters, you’ll want to break out the long-billed crankbaits. Then find the sweet spot, and catch the big one! For all the seasons and reasons you like to fish, Gable Sporting Goods has the high-quality crankbaits you need!

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    If you’re a Hard-Bait kind of Angler, then you know the virtues of keeping a good variety of baits and lures in your tackle box. If you’re a successful Tournament pro, you know how vital your Crankbaits can be for giving you a versatile winning edge against your opponents. Since the 1960s, Gable Sporting Goods has been your one-stop-shop for all the fishing gear you need to help you reel in the big ones! Whether you enjoy the higher-end Jenko Fishing hard-baits, or you like to stock up on all the Rapala, Spro, or Bandit Lures you can carry, your neighborhood Gable Sports has exactly what you need. Chartruese, Shad, Crawfish, Lipless, Shallow Water, Deep Divers, and all the other Crankbaits you want are waiting for you at your local Gable Sporting Goods. So come on down to our Douglasville, GA location, or check out our online inventory today! When you think fishing, think Gable Sporting Goods!