Duo Realis Crank 50ssr Kabuki- Hell Craw

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SKU: 50SSR-ACC3297
brand: Duo International
UPC: 4525918120696

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 Duo Realis Crank 50ssr Kabuki- Pumpkin Craw 2 50SSR-ACC3296 Duo Realis CRANK 50SSR KABUKI-PUMPKIN CRAW 2 Price:$13.99 On Sale:Yes Stock: 2 Qty: Add to Cart
 Duo Realis Crank 50ssr Kabuki- Hell Craw 50SSR-ACC3297 Duo Realis CRANK 50SSR KABUKI- HELL CRAW Price:$13.99 On Sale:Yes Stock: 4 Qty: Add to Cart

magine a square lipped chunky little crank that wobbles wide and lurks just under the surface. If that is what you need then try the Kabuki 50SSR in the river, in the lake, anywhere you like! It is made to be used in many places. It has a fixed centre of gravity and has a body and lip designed to keep it under the surface. Try it to see for yourself how well it keeps its balance during retrieval and how well it wobbles at slow or fast retrieval.

?We recommend using a snap on the line tie for the optimum action

Length 50mm
Weight 8.4g
Type Floating (Fixed Weight)
Hook Front #8, Rear #7
Range 0~0.3m

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