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Inside Waist & Pocket

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Gun Holsters

Gable Sporting Goods carries gun holsters of all shapes and sizes made to conceal carry on your hip, your pocket, your belt, or back strapped.

You Packing? Get a Holster You Can Trust for Concealability, Comfort and Reliability.

Like a guitar without a stand, or a rack of ribs without a plate, you can expect an awkward gun-toting experience if you don’t have a quality gun holster for your favorite portable firearm. For over 50 years, Gable Sporting Goods has stocked all the best Gun Holsters and other safety gear you need to keep your gun safe, secured, and only accessible to your trained hands. As responsible and rightful gunowners, we search far and wide for the perfect gun holsters and other products to make sure that nothing bad happens when it isn’t supposed to, and that you have access to your firearm should the situation be absolutely necessary.

Ankle Holsters

For the ultimate concealed firearm holder, Gable’s carries all the best ankle holsters and all your favorite brands like Elite Survival Systems, Galco, and more.

Belt Holsters

Popular with law enforcement as well as gold rush settlers, belt holsters are hard to beat for convenience and reliability. We’ve got more belt holsters than you could ever wear at one time.

Gun Belts

Gun belts are a solid choice for someone who doesn’t want the extra hardware on their belt, and also could stand a little more concealability.

Inside Waist & Pocket

Gun Holsters that fit inside the waistband offer an extra conceal layer that regular belt holsters might lack. Pocket holsters keep your nozzle holstered, while keeping your gun as accessible as your wallet.

Paddle Holsters

Our paddle holsters are some of the most comfortable and efficient gun holsters we carry, due to their belt-lock technology, and ability to remove without modifying belt position.

Keep it Close, Keep it Safe, Keep it Protected – Gun Holsters from Gable Sporting Goods

Kenny Rogers informed us that we might indeed benefit from knowing “How to Hold ‘em.” While he may have been talking about poker, there’s no denying the fact that carrying a gun without a gun holster is just not in the cards for Georgia firearm enthusiasts. Cops and security personnel aren’t the only folks who need high quality, accessible, reliable gun holsters and belt holsters. If you choose to carry a registered firearm, you should definitely use a good holster. Gable Sporting Goods has the gun holsters you need, at competitive everyday pricing. Check out our online inventory, or visit our Douglasville location for even more high-quality selection. Come rediscover the Gable’s difference!