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When you want to channel your inner John Wayne, or you just want to protect what’s yours, nothing beats new Revolvers from Gable Sports.

Gable Sporting Goods Has a Wide Selection of High-Quality Revolvers You’re Sure to Love

If you’ve been dreaming of owning a new Six-Shooter, or you have visions of yourself with a new revolver on your hip like an old school sheriff, Gable Sporting Goods has the revolvers to make your dreams a reality. Whether your occupation calls for you to carry a revolver, you like to keep a handgun on your hip for woodland predators and snakes, or you have a carry permit that lets you protect yourself by holstering a revolver, we have what you’re looking for! You won’t find a more experienced set of handgun experts like you’ll find at Gable Sporting Goods. Our people are always ready, willing, and able to help you find the perfect revolver for your needs. It’s like the perfect mixture of modern sporting goods and handguns, but with the old-time service that so many modern megastores have lost touch with. Gable Sporting Goods takes pride in treating our clients and customers like people who matter, and not just like a faceless number. Come experience the Gable Sporting Goods difference today!

All Your Favorite Brands of Revolvers Are Waiting on You at Gable Sporting Goods

Maybe you want to have a shiny new Smith & Wesson to keep in your holster so you can act out your favorite Dirty Harry scenes when nobody’s watching. Your friendly neighborhood Gable Sporting Goods Store carries all your favorite Smith & Wesson models, including several Centennial 38 Special Revolvers, the sharp looking, sharp shooting 637 model, and many more. Are you a fan of Taurus International, which is one of the rising brand names in handguns and revolvers? Folks go crazy about the Taurus Judge Revolvers we carry, especially the 45/410 Public Defender model that many people say is the ultimate self-defense tool for home protection, defense against car-jackings, and every other scenario you might encounter. Real fans will know that The Judge got its name initially because of the high number of courtroom judges who chose to use the versatile beast of a handgun. Or maybe you’re a fan of traditional d six shooters like the Rough Rider revolvers from Heritage, or one of the handguns made by Ruger. Whether you like these revolvers, or you’re in the mood to try something else, Gable Sporting Goods is your one-stop-shop for Handguns, Revolvers, Six Shooters, Judge Handguns, and so much more! Call us, contact us through this site, or just come on down to Gable Sporting Goods today!