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Whether you’re looking for a revolver, a rimfire handgun, or a semi-automatic handgun, Gable Sporting Goods has the best brands and models you’ve been waiting for! Protect your family, and exercise your 2nd amendment rights with Handguns from Gable Sporting Goods in Douglasville, GA. The Gable family takes pride in supporting your rights to bear arms, while also going the extra mile to make sure every gun purchaser is legal, licensed, and liable for carrying their firearm. We won’t put others in danger just to make a firearm sale. What we promise is high quality Handguns, at reasonable prices, available to every legal, responsible firearm enthusiast.

Ruger LCP, Charger, SR22, 9mm Striker, .38 Special, Mark IV, 45ACP

From takedown pistols, to the ever-popular LCP models, Ruger continues to make high-quality handguns for consumers just like me and you. And Gable Sporting Goods has all your favorites

Smith & Wesson SD40 VE, M&P22, M&P9, 442, 642, 637, SW22, M&P45 45ACP

From the Kryptek Highlander Camo 22, to the M&P 9 Shield, the ever popular Smith & Wesson handsguns are waiting for you at Gable Sporting Goods. Buy online or visit our Douglasville store!

Sig Sauer P938, P320, P238, P365, P220, P229, 1911 Scorpion, P226, 1911 Tacops 45, P250C

Gable Sporting Goods has your Sig Sauer Compact 9mm, your Combat 380acp, your Nightmare 380 ACP, your Scorpion Carry .45 ACP, even your P250C Caliber X-Change Kit!

Glock 19 Gen3, 19 Gen4, 17 Gen4, 23 Gen4, 21 Gen4, 42 380 ACP, 43 9MM, 21C

One of the most famous, and still popular brands of handguns are the Glock line of high-quality handguns. There’s nothing quite like having a nice, big, loaded Glock in your hands.

Kimber Rosewood .380 ACP, Desert Knight, Bel Air, Pro Carry II, 1911 Custom, Ultra Carry, Raptor II

When you want higher-end pistols like the sleek and high-powered handguns from Kimber, you can always turn to Gable Sporting Goods, your #1 supplier of Kimber handguns.

Springfield Armory XD 40, XDS 9mm, XD-S 45ACP, XD Mod.2, XDM 9mm, XDS 45ACP, Range Officer 45ACP

Nobody carries all your favorite Springfield Armory handguns like Gable Sporting Goods. We have a wide selection of some of the most sought-after handguns in the nation!

We also carry a nice selection of Beretta, Daniel Defense, SCCY, Taurus, and Uberti Handguns. Come visit Gable Sporting Goods online, or at our Douglasville, GA location. We’re here for you!