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Firearm Components & Accessories

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Firearm Components – Firearm Accessories

The Wild, Wild, West Georgia Is Calling Your Name. Are You Firearm Ready?

Are you a maverick? Do you like being your own firearm assembly line? Well, if you like working on guns, building guns from parts, or repairing/rebuilding/modifying your own firearms, Gable Sporting Goods has all the firearm components and firearm accessories you need to scratch that itch! And if you like the fact of having your firearms customized, modified, or fixed, the experts at Gable Sporting Goods can use our very own firearm components and firearm accessories to work on your guns for you.

Gear Up, Cowboy! Get All the Best Firearm Components & Accessories Today

For everything from swivel studs and sling installs, to tactical stock packages and conversion kits, to night sights and tactical lasers, choke tubes, and anything else you might need to repair, modify, or accessorize your pistol, shotgun, rifle, AR15, or any other firearm, go with the best! Go with Gable Sporting Goods! Check out our online inventory of firearm components and accessories, or for ever more selection, come check out our in-store inventory in Douglasville, GA.

Gun Accessories

Looking for a tactical stabilizing brace, military spec stock, ballistic turret flex, steady rest, steering column holster mounts, muzzles, or any other gun accessories to repair or upgrade your gun? We’ve got it all!

AR15 Accessories

If you’re an AR15 enthusiast, Gable Sporting Goods has all the AR15 accessories you need to build or upgrade the perfect AR. Triggers of all s and functions, buttstocks, muzzles, receiver ends, bolt catch assemblies, and much more.


If you got your sights set on better shooting, Gable Sporting Goods has the gun sights you need to aim true and fire straight to the target.

Slings & Swivels

If you’re doing some active sports, like bird hunting, or you’re just looking for a better way to carry your rifle to the deer stand, we’ve got all the slings & swivels you need. Check out our in-store inventory!

Weapon Lights & Lasers

For precision sniping, nothing beats the tactical weapon lights & laser sights from Gable Sporting Goods. Come see what we’ve got for you.

Gable's Heritage Is Also Part of Your Heritage. Come Rediscover the Difference

There was a reason your father and grandfather swore by Gable's guaranteed best firearm components and firearm accessories. Quality firearm components & accessories at unbeatable pricing, with the best customer service in the country. That’s why we’ve been in business for around 60 years! Come rediscover the Gable's difference this season, and keep your favorite firearms customized, accessorized, and ready for any circumstance, with all the best gear from Gable Sporting Goods. Check out our competitive everyday pricing. We can't wait to see you again!