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Mace Triple-Action Pocket Pepper Spray 11 Gram Aerosol - 80141

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Mace Triple-Action Pocket Pepper Spray 11 Gram Aerosol Includes Key Chain 10% OC Plus Tear Gas and UV Dye Black. Product Information The Mace Triple Action Pocket uses an easy aim fingergrip feature making this model ideal for women self defense and emergency use. Compact design fits comfortably in hand. Features flip top safety cap, fingergrip dispenser and keychain. The active ingredients in Triple Action formula are a careful blend of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) and tear gas. The OC Pepper causes the eyes to slam shut and uncontrollable choking. The tear gas causes profuse tearing and disorientation. The combination of the two agents produces a powerful self defense spray making this pepper spray model a good choice for an everyday personal defense product. This Mace pepper spray formula also contains UV dye to invisibly mark an assailant which may aid in identification. The 11 gram stream unit sprays 6-12 feet. Contains 5, one second bursts. Technical Information •Formula: OC Pepper Spray, Tear Gas •Spray Pattern: Stream •Range: Up to 12' •Can Volume: 11 Grams •Number of Short Bursts: 5 to 15 •Marking Dye: Yes •Carry Method: Key Chain •Safety: Flip Top •Color: Black •Shelf Life: Three Years

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