Jackall Firecracker Buzzbait 3/8oz- Chartreuse Back Pearl

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brand: Jackall
UPC: 843459014415

The Jackall Firecracker Buzzbaits are some of the noisiest traditional style buzzbaits you will ever use. The Firecracker stands out from the crowd by utilizing a 2-propeller system that produces a series of strong clicking and cracking noises and sends shockwaves throughout the water. This dual prop system includes a large traditional style buzz blade spinning clockwise while a smaller propeller mounted in front of the head spins counter-clockwise. These blades are intentionally positioned to collide with one another to produce a fish calling sound and vibration. The Firecracker is built around a hefty 1.4mm diameter wire, allowing you to pull big bass out of thick cover on heavy braided lines without doing damage to the bait. A strong Owner Cutting Point Hook and a quality hand tied skirt round out the design on the Firecracker.
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