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Letterman Jacket

History of the Letterman Jacket

The letterman jacket, or varsity jacket, owes its existence to the prestigious and historical Harvard University. Since it was first worn in 1865 by the Harvard University baseball team (originally as a wool sweater with leather sleeves), the letterman jacket trend has grown and expanded exponentially to all kinds of high schools across the nation. Today, the letterman jacket stands as an iconic American tradition, promoting school pride and motivation for academic, athletic, and extracurricular achievement.

Earning Your Letters

Receiving a letter from a sport or club signifies that you have displayed commitment and excellence in whichever team or club it is given by. For example, after a year being an involved member of drama club, you may be given a theater-themed patch for use on your letterman jacket. As the years go by and you earn your letters, your letterman jacket will increasingly become a representation of your interests, accomplishments, and high school involvements, creating a unique and personalized memento to be treasured for the rest of your life.

Custom Letterman Jackets

Why are we the #1 source for varsity jackets in the West Metro Atlanta area? One simple answer: quality. Letterman jackets from Gable Sporting Goods are made with only the finest genuine leather and wool material. Our jackets are customizable with school colors and mascots to promote school pride, as well as names and graduation year to give it a more personalized feel. To order your customized varsity jacket, call Gable’s today! 770-942-5397