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FrogLube 14966 Solvent Spray Cleaner 1 Oz Bottle 14966

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Cleaning your weapons always seems like a good idea. That is, unless you’re using the wrong stuff. When you choose FrogLube Solvent Spray to get your weapon ready for a FrogLube treatment, you’re using something that was developed by the US Navy Seals, and has proven to work like a charm in even the most harmful conditions. Desert, humidity, in the garage, or out in the woods, FrogLube Solvent Spray is made for total performance. The solvent spray gets into all the internal parts, nooks, and crannies of your gun, and gets all the gunk and residue out like a full-scale military evacuation. NO GUNK LEFT BEHIND! It even gets out any Petroleum you might have used to keep your weapon lubricated. FrogLube is also Bio-based, and won’t harm the environment. Get the gunk and grime out of your firearm with a bottle of FrogLube Solvent Spray from Gable Sporting Goods, today!

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