Exothermic Technologies Pulsefire Lrt Flamethrower Pf- Lrt

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brand: Exothermic Technologies
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Okay cool. You woke up this morning. Check. You kissed your wife before you head out to work. Check. You make sure your flamethrower blowtorch is in the truck before you take off. WHAT? NO BLOWTORCH?! No check.

If you can’t immediately name at least 15 reasons why you need a handheld flamethrower that can melt a grilled cheese from up to 25 feet away, you’re doing something wrong. We’ll send help immediately. And for less than the price of a weekend vacation to Buck Snort, Alabama, we can send you your brand new, lightweight, handheld flamethrower.

If you’re having trouble with your list, we’ll help get you started on top reasons to own an Exothermic Pulsefire LRT Flamethrower.

  • It’s awesome
  • You hate kudzu
  • Wasp spray is for sissies
  • Home movies need a jolt
  • Light bonfires from 25 ft
  • Dry your neighbor’s cat
  • Show out for BBQ season
  • Speed up slow drivers
  • Home invasions
  • Step up Deer Hunting
  • Chicks dig fire
  • Fire up Fire Ants
  • Controlled burns
  • Quicker than draining the pool
  • No more cold leftovers

Here’s the thing: your reasons for wanting to own an Exothermic Pulsefire Long Range Torch are as personal and American as they can be. It’s affordable, it’s portable, it’s easily ignitable, there’s no pilot torch or any other externally flammable nonsense. Just fill it up, strap it on your back, point the nozzle away from your face, press the button and WHAMMY! You’ve got fire. Come see your favorite hometown sporting goods pros, and get yourself fitted for an Exothermic LRT just in time for BBQ season!

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